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I am currently teaching a math. course on complex analysis and differential equations. This year, I adopt the Piazza e-learning platform. The Piazza page of the course is here.        

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Course on Network Coding Theory

I am teaching a course on network coding theory this semester. Link to course webpage

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Continuous vs discrete

Scientists and engineers can be roughly divided into two categories. People in the first category think in a continuous way, using tools such as differential equations, Fourier transform, etc. People belonging to the second category reason in a discrete way, … Continue reading

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Problem Solvers and Theorizers

Recently, I read an interesting article “Problem solvers and Theorizers” by G. C. Rota, which is quoted in Chaitin’s new book Proving Darwin: making biology mathematical. Mathematicians can be subdivided into two types: problem solvers and theorizers. Most mathematicians are … Continue reading

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Ramanujan’s lost notebook

I attended a talk by George Andrews on the manuscripts written by Ramanujan during his last year of short life. George Andrews re-discovered the lost notebook in 1976, many years after the death of Ramanujan. In his talk, he gave his first-hand information … Continue reading

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10 trillion digits of pi

A new world record in the calculation of pi by Shigeru Kondo and Alexander Yee. From Kondo’s webpage 100 digits ending 10,000,000,000,000-th 9544408882 6291921295 9268257225 1615742394 7483010753 9804871001 5982157822 2070871138 6966940952 1989228675 Software: y-cruncher Hardware: 2 x Intel Xeon X5680 @ … Continue reading

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