Registration desk will be available from 08:30 on the first day.
Time for Full Paper presentation: 30min.
Time for Short Paper presentation: 20min.


9:00-9:20 Opening (Session Chair: Lucas C.K. Hui)

9:20-10:20 Invited Talk I (Session Chair: Sherman S.M. Chow)

Michel Abdalla (DI/ENS, Paris, France)
- Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange: An Overview.

10:20-10:45 Tea Break

10:45-12:25 Fundamental (Session Chair: Peeter Laud)

10:45-11:15 - Jesper Buus Nielsen and Ivan Damgård. (Aarhus University)
- Adaptive versus Static Security in the UC Model

11:15-11:45 - Mehdi Tibouchi (NTT Secure Platform Laboratories).
- Impossibility of Surjective Icart-Like Encodings

11:45-12:05 - Koji Nuida (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology).
- How to Use Pseudorandom Generators in Unconditional Security Settings (Short)

12:05-12:25 - Yohei Watanabe, Junji Shikata (Yokohama National University).
- Timed-Release Computational Secret Sharing Scheme and Its Applications (Short)

12:25-13:45 Lunch

13:45-15:35 Symmetric Key Encryption (Session Chair: Noboru Kunihiro)

13:45-14:15 - Guangyao Zhao, Lei Cheng, Chao Li, Ruilin Li and Xuan Shen. (National University of Defense Technology)
- On the Practical Security Bound of GF-NLFSR Structure with SPN Round Function

14:15-14:45 - Reza Reyhanitabar, Serge Vaudenay and Damian Vizár (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).
- Misuse-Resistant Variants of the OMD Authenticated Encryption Mode

14:45-15:15 - Shoichi Hirose (University of Fukui), Hidenori Kuwakado (Kansai University).
- A Block-Cipher-Based Hash Function Using an MMO-Type Double-Block Compression Function

15:15-15:35 - Mridul Nandi and Nilanjan Datta.
- Equivalence between MAC and PRF for Blockcipher based Constructions (Short)

15:35-15:45 Tea Break

15:45-16:45 Public Key Encryption (Session Chair: Xinyi Huang)

15:45-16:15 Haiyang Xue, Xianhui Lu, Bao Li, Yamin Liu (Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
- Lossy Trapdoor Relation and Its Application to Lossy Encryption and Adaptive Trapdoor Relation

16:15-16:45 Kazuki Yoneyama (NTT Secure Platform Laboratories), Goichiro Hanaoka (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology).
- Compact Public Key Encryption with Minimum Ideal Property of Hash Functions

16:45-17:45 Authentication (Session Chair: Łukasz Krzywiecki)

16:45-17:15 Shoichi Hirose (University of Fukui), Hidenori Kuwakado (Kansai University).
- Forward-Secure Sequential Aggregate Message Authentication Revisited: Formalization and a Provably Secure Scheme

17:15-17:45 Jiageng Chen, Atsuko Miyaji and Chunhua Su (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).
- A Provable Secure Batch Authentication Scheme for EPCGen2 Tags

Banquet at Harbour Cruise-Bauhinia (Buffet)

Aboard at North Point Ferry Pier

Bus pickup departs at HKU at 17:45 (just after the last talk!)
  • HKU -> Sheung Wan MTR by coach
  • Sheung Wan -> North Point (Exit A1)
  • (Helpers will distribute MTR tickets)
  • Walk to the West Pier
or, by yourself, at the Pier at 19:15 sharp.

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09:00-10:00 Proxy Re-encryption (Session Chair: Duncan S. Wong)

09:00-09:30 Rongxing Lu (Nanyang Technological University), Xiaodong Lin, (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), Jun Shao (Zhejiang Gongshang University).
- RCCA-Secure Multi-use Bidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption with Master Secret Security

09:30-10:00 Yanjiang Yang (Institute for Infocomm Research), Haibing Lu (Santa Clara University), Jian Weng (Jinan University), Youcheng Zhang (Nanjing Unary Information Technology Co. Ltd), Kouichi Sakurai (Kyushu University).
- Fine-grained Conditional Proxy Re-encryption and Application

10:00-11:00 Invited Talk II (Session Chair: Joseph K. Liu)

Duncan S. Wong (Exploratory Research Laboratory, ASTRI, Hong Kong)
- Practical and Provably Secure Attribute Based Encryption.

11:00-11:25 Tea Break

11:25-12:45 Signature (Session Chair: Kazuki Yoneyama)

11:25-11:55 Yuyu Wang (Tokyo Institute of Technology, I-System Co. Ltd.), Keisuke Tanaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology).
- Generic Transformation to Strongly Existentially Unforgeable Signature Schemes with Leakage Resiliency

11:55-12:25 Ahto Buldas, Risto Laanoja (Guardtime AS, Tallinn University of Technology), Ahto Truu (Guardtime AS), Peeter Laud (Cybernetica AS).
- Bounded Pre-Image Awareness and the Security of Hash-Tree Keyless Signatures

12:25-12:45 Takashi Yamakawa (The University of Tokyo), Nobuaki Kitajima, Takashi Nishide (University of Tsukuba), Goichiro Hanaoka (AIST), Eiji Okamoto (University of Tsukuba).
- A Short Fail-Stop Signature Scheme from Factoring (short)

12:45-14:05 Lunch

14:05-15:05 Attribute-based Cryptosystem (Session Chair: Mehdi Tibouchi)

14:05-14:35 Yinghui Zhang, Dong Zheng (Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications), Xiaofeng Chen (Xidian University), Jin Li (Guangzhou University), Hui Li (Xidian University).
- Computationally Efficient Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Constant-Size Ciphertexts

14:35-15:05 Tapas Pandit (Indian Statistical Institute), Sumit Pandey (CR RAO AIMSCS), Rana Barua (Indian Statistical Institute).
- Attribute-Based Signcryption : Signer Privacy, Strong Unforgeability and IND-CCA2 Security in Adaptive-Predicates Attack

15:05-16:15 Protocol (Session Chair: Man Ho Au)

15:05-15:35 Peeter Laud (Cybernetica AS), Alisa Pankova (Cybernetica AS, STACC, and University of Tartu).
- Verifiable Computation in Multiparty Protocols with Honest Majority

15:35-15:55 Kazuki Yoneyama (NTT Secure Platform Laboratories).
- Computational Soundness of Asymmetric Bilinear Pairing-based Protocols (short)

15:55-16:15 Łukasz Krzywiecki (Wrocław University of Technology).
- Deniable Version of SIGMA Key Exchange Protocol Resilient to Ephemeral Key Leakage (short)

16:15-16:40 Tea Break

16:40-18:00 Predicate Encryption (Session Chair: Michel Abdalla)

16:40-17:10 Shuichi Katsumata, Noboru Kunihiro (The University of Tokyo).
- Constructing Subspace Membership Encryption through Inner Product Encryption

17:10-17:40 Somindu C. Ramanna, Palash Sarkar (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata).
- Efficient (Anonymous) Compact HIBE From Standard Assumptions

17:40-18:00 Hui Cui (University of Wollongong), Man Ho Au (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Yi Mu (University of Wollongong).
- Complete Robustness in Identity-Based Encryption (Short)

18:00-18:20 Closing (Session Chair: Siu Ming Yiu)

- Closing Remark
- Best Paper Award
- ProvSec 2015 Introduction
- ISC 2014 Advertisement

18:30 Meeting up at Conference Venue for Reception Gathering