Graduated PhD

  1. Jessie Hui Wang, "ISPs' Traffic Engineering and Peering Strategies", PhD Thesis, 2004-2007. Asssociate professor, Tsinghua University.
  2. Yan Hu, "Intelligent Traffic Monitoring, Analysis and Classification", PhD Thesis, 2005-2008. First at NECLab/Beijing, now working for Google in the US.
  3. Xingang Shi, "Efficient Tracking of Significant Communication Patterns in Computer Networks", PhD Thesis, 2007-2011, Research Staff, Tsinghua University
  4. Yi Peng Zhou, "Models for Analyzing P2P Streaming Networks", M.Phil Thesis 2006-2008. "Modeling and Analysis of P2P VoD Systems", PhD Thesis 2009-2012. First as Assistant Professor at Shenzhen University, now Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
  5. Tom ZJ Fu, "Performance Metrics, Configuration Strategies and Traffic Identification for Group Network Applications", M.Phil Thesis 2006-2009. "The Academic Social Network and Research Ranking System, PhD Thesis 2009-2013. Research Scienctist at ADSC (Singapore); currently Director of ML at Bigo Technology Pte Ltd
  6. Liang Chen, "User Behavior and Resource Allocation in Online Video Services", PhD Thesis 2009-2013. Assistant Professor at Shenzhen University; recently moved to Tencent.
  7. Yan Wu, "Data Mining and Modeling of the Academic Community", PhD Thesis 2011-2015. Tencent (Shenzhen), recently moved to Huolala as data scientist.
  8. Jiqiang Wu, "Modeling and Predicting Online Video Popularity", PhD Thesis 2010-2016. First as research staff at TCL Hong Kong, now with Natixis Hong Kong
  9. Chunfeng Yang, "Improving Collaborative Video Recommendation: Methods Addressing Data Sparcity", PhD Thesis 2012-2017. Tencent (Shenzhen)
  10. Lei Zhan, "Data Driven Analysis, Modeling and Policy Design for Energy Efficiency in Smart Buildings", PhD Thesis 2011-2017. Postdoc at CUHK, ASTRI, now at Cathay Pacific as data scientist.
  11. Suiming Guo, "Dynamic Price and its Effects in Ride-on-demand Services: Measurement, Modelling and Prediction", PhD Thesis 2013-2018. Joined Jinan University (Guangzhou) after PhD
  12. Qiufang Ying, "User Modeling and Usage Profiling in OSN and Game Platforms", PhD Thesis 2012-2018. Tencent (Shenzhen)

Graduated MPhil

  1. Angus Wing Kai Lin, "Analysis of Distributed Participation and Replication Strategies in P2P Systems", M.Phil Thesis, 2003-2005. Currently VP of Citigroup working on algorithmic trading.
  2. Adrian Sai-wah Tam, "A Study of the Co-existence of Heterogeneous Flows in Data Networks", M.Phil Thesis, 2003-2006. After PhD from Polytech/NYU, currently working in US.
  3. Yan Gao, "Determining the Throughput Capacity of IEEE 802.11-based Wireless Networks: Methodology and Applications", M.Phil Thesis, 2004-2006. After PhD (UIUC), working for Accenture in Beijing; now with LinkedIn in US.
  4. Humphrey Chun Kong Cheng, "Towards Efficient Distributed Search in a Peer-to-Peer Network", M.Phil Thesis, 2004-2006. After graduation, doing a start-up in Hong Kong, now at Akamai (Hong Kong)
  5. Chong Ye, "Peer-to-peer Replication to Improve File Availability", M.Phil Thesis, 2005-2007. First job: Oracle; currently, HP in China.
  6. Steven Chi Hang Wong, "Real-time Network Traffic Classification", M.Phil Thesis, 2005-2007. First job, working for an ISP (HK Broadband) in Hong Kong.
  7. Tony Zheng Yi Zhang, "An Adaptive Distributed Algorithm for Path Aggregation", M.Phil Thesis 2005-2007. First job, ASM Hong Kong.
  8. Yang Cheung, "Modelling and Analysis of Internet Pricing and Revenue Distribution", M.Phil Thesis 2006-2008. First at Yahoo HK/Taiwan; now at Google in US.
  9. Yongzhi Wang, "Design and Evaluation of Load Balancing Algorithms in P2P Streaming", M.Phil Thesis 2007-2009. now working for LinkedIn in China.
  10. Lu Jia, "A Study of Peer-to-Peer Systems", M.Phil Thesis 2007-2009. Got PhD from Delft University of Technology, now teaching in China Agricultural University in Beijing.
  11. Qian Wang, "A Study of ISP Pricing", M.Phil Thesis 2007-2009. Alibaba, China.
  12. Jian Liu, "A Study of Matching Mechanisms", M.Phil Thesis 2008-2010. First job Tencent, China.
  13. Sam Guosen Feng, "Bargaining and Peering between Network Content/Coverage Providers", M.Phil Thesis 2009-2011. First job, working at a bank.
  14. Qianqian Song, "Similarity and Comparison of Academic Ranking Algorithms", M.Phil Thesis 2010-2012. First working as software engineer in Shenzhen, now at NCR Hong Kong.
  15. Jingjing Wang, "Paid Prioritization and Its Implications on Network Neutrality", M.Phil Thesis 2010-2013. First job, Accenture Hong Kong and Beijing, now at Alibaba.

Past postdocs and visiting PhD students:

MSc (or undergraduate*) students who worked with me on research projects

Past Interns:

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