Dah Ming Chiu

Emeritus Professor
Department of Information Engineering [IE]
Email: dmchiu at ie.cuhk.edu.hk

Current and recently completed projects:

  1. Private Blockchain: consulting with Digital Transaction Limited.
  2. OSN: Dynamic and Complex network analysis of OSN and payment systems working with Qiufang Ying, WC Lau, in collaboration with Tencent.
  3. Data analysis for Chinese Medicine: using NLP and topic modeling to understand TCM, in collaboration with Dr Kevin Or and others.
  4. Smart Video Streaming: video streaming adapting to user attention, in collaboration with Kandao.
  5. Smart Building: User behavior analysis and data analytic policy design, collaborated with LWS College of CUHK, working with Jacky Zhan. (Completed)
  6. Ride-on-demand: dynamic pricing prediction, user behavior analysis, working with Suiming Guo, in collaboration with colleagues from Tsinghua Univ and Chongqing Univ, and Shenzhou. (Completed)


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Hong Kong RGC E panel for GRF and Joint panel for NSFC/RGC grants (2013-16)

Hong Kong ITC (ITSP) vetting panel (2015-)

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