Dah Ming Chiu

Emeritus Professor
Department of Information Engineering [IE]
Email: dmchiu at ie.cuhk.edu.hk

Recent activities:

  1. Blogs on Covid-19 - “Predicting the result of Universal Testing" (9/9/20), "Reading pandemic statistics" (11/4/20), "Isolation control and its challenges" (8/3/20)
  2. Invited talk at CECC2019 in Xiamen (Dec 2019) on experiences teaching computer network architecture
  3. Keynote at the Second Internet Architecture Conference (Nov 29, 2019) in Chengdu - "Refections on Internet Architecture and its Desirable Evolution"
  4. Sigcomm 50 Years Anniversary Panel (Aug 2019) and photo with panelists
  5. A talk to Tsinghua students (Aug 2019) - "Reflections on Academic Life"
  6. Interviews with Mingpao and Econ Times on applying data analytics to traditional Chinese Medicine
  7. Interview with HK01 on Open Data and Smart City
  8. Receiving CLP Award, representing LWS College (2018).

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Hong Kong RGC E panel for GRF and Joint panel for NSFC/RGC grants (2013-16)

Hong Kong ITC (ITSP) vetting panel (2015-)

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